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Mike E.             Newport Beach, CA

“Kim has a teaching style that he adapts to the individual student. He’s supportive, encouraging and REMARKABLY patient. I feel very fortunate to have come across someone with his combination of experience, knowledge and love of what they’re doing. Oh, and I almost forgot, he keeps it fun!”

Terri F.            Costa Mesa, CA

“I cannot say enough good things about Kim Andrews and Newport Guitar and Music. I came in as a person who knew nothing but the very basics about my guitar. I have since learned an infinite amount – and I say “infinite” because what I have learned about my instrument and how it works are things that I will continue to apply and expand on for the rest of my  playing life. Kim’s endless knowledge of the guitar, combined with his enthusiasm for music, and his ability to assess my skill level that day and challenge me, makes every lesson fun and worthwhile. The lessons are tailored to me specifically, and I leave feeling much more confident and smart about my instrument every single time. His shop/studio is also a fun learning environment where you can meet other players and feel like part of a community. I only wish I had time to go more often! If you want to learn guitar at any level, you must check out Newport Guitar and Music.”

Bill G.             Corona Del Mar, CA

“Kim Andrews makes music fun and easy for young and old. He presents the music and concepts in a very usable manner. My grandson and I have taken lessons with Kim and can see the progress on a weekly basis.” 

Bill N.            Corona Del Mar, CA

“Kim Andrews is an amazing musical instructor. His easy-going personality belies the fact that he’s on a mission to help you learn how to play and understand music.He has an intuitive style allows him to guide you on a path to learning that is most appropriate for you. Whether you are a serious student, or just want to play for fun. Kim is your guy.

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